Peer Reviewing ‘Bashful Saturn’ and ‘Beyond Empathy’

Peer Reviewing ‘Bashful Saturn’ and ‘Beyond Empathy’

During the semester, i have been following the project development of Bonnie and Jacob’s BCM302 digital artefacts. Throughout this blog post, i will look into their progress and be recommending ways to develop their digital artefacts coming into the last part of the semester.

Bonnie’s Digital Artefact

Over weeks 5-9, Bonnie has been providing written and video tweets updating the BCM community on her digital artefact progress. She has talked about her collaborations with those inside and outside of BCM, reviews from clients and her own personal progress in graphic design.

Throughout the entirety of her digital artefact, Bonnie has stuck to her project concept of providing graphic design services to students through the creative services team. It is evident that the graphic design services have worked well in Bonnie’s favour and have allowed her to start to expand her portfolio. Bonnie has collaborated with multiple clients including Probadita Latina, My Endo Sphere, All Things Tennis and UOW Cafe Amigos just to name a few.

Bonnie has kept to her methodology of producing content for her Instagram page ‘bashfulsaturn’ and her website. She has been able to monitor her audience response through feedback gained in the form of reviews from several of her clients. Bonnie has clearly defined her utility as her designs have been added to her Instagram portfolio and to her personal website for a public audience.

Reviews gained from feedback

Project Development Recommendations

In order for Bonnie to continue her project development, i have offered recommendations that will help elevate her digital artefact. Bonnie’s main focus has been on using her graphic design skills to help the BCM community with specific aspects of their digital artefacts such as logo design and content creation. Over the past few weeks, Bonnie has begun to add her graphic design projects to a folder on her personal university website.

While this is a great way to showcase her designs i think it would be worthwhile separating her university work and graphic design business on two different websites. It would allow Bonnie the opportunity to dedicate an entire website to her services and designs rather than keeping them mixed in with other projects. A source that would help Bonnie in creating a website portfolio is “Web Design Inspiration“. It is an interactive website that allows you to view a variety of website designs other designers have created to showcase their portfolios. Below are just some of the examples located on the website.

Jacob’s Digital Artefact

Over the past 5 weeks, Jacob has stuck to his methodology of creating social media content for the non for profit organisation Beyond Empathy (GRIT) and has been updating Twitter weekly on his progress. In these posts, he has discussed the documentation process and his social media role within the team.

The concept of working with Beyond Empathy to create social media content and assist in the creation of ‘podformances’ allows Jacob to gain collaboration experience outside of the university. Jacob’s methodology has been shown throughout his weekly tweets which give updates on the social media content being produced.

It is evident the project didn’t begin until week 7 due to issues with documentation and he has now had to catch up on creating content. This digital artefact has social utility as it is shared online to a wide public audience through the Beyond Empathy social media accounts and their website. These all align with the pitched concept, methodology and utility.

Project Development Recommendations

Design thinking is an iterative and non-linear process that contains a 5 stage process. Consulting the design thinking process, Jacob is in the ideate/prototype stage of his digital artefact with Beyond Empathy.

Looking toward the end of the semester i recommended Jacob start creating content that generates feedback and encourages audience engagement. Doing this will allow Jacob to utilize the feedback from these posts and start creating and tailoring his content to what the audience is after. This feedback and engagement can then influence the types of content being created in the ideation phase of the design thinking process.

Another recommendation i have is in regards to Jacob’s tweets, i found there to be no evidence of him promoting Beyond Empathy’s Instagram account or the ‘podformances’ spoken about in the pitch. When doing a search of the Beyond Empathy Instagram account i noticed it took a few minutes to find. I was thinking if i struggled to find it others who are interested in learning about the project would also find it difficult. I recommend Jacob and the other BCM students he is in collaboration with to start promoting Beyond Empathy’s Instagram page and the ‘podformances’ on Twitter for those interested in the non for profit organisation. It would be interesting to see if there is an increase in audience engagement by promoting his social media creations and a behind-the-scenes look into the ‘podformances’.


Bonnie and Jacob have both created solid digital artefacts and it has been worthwhile following them this semester. It has allowed me to work on my constructive feedback skills and also learn about digital artefact genres different to my own.

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