Feedback and Pitches

Feedback and Pitches

One of the most valuable contributions anyone can make to an individual’s learning is by providing them with constructive feedback. It is important to ensure we are tailoring our feedback to suit the individual. Brighid Gannon 2021 states that “figuring out the best way to approach and present feedback is important, while some individuals like direct feedback others may respond better to a gentler approach”.

In this blog post, I will be looking into the pitches and digital artefacts of two peers within the BCM302 subject to provide them with recommendations that can help develop their projects.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Bonnie Stonestreet – Bashful Saturn and Creative Services Team (Pitch Link)

Bonnie has decided to continue developing her Instagram account “Bashfulsaturn” for her digital artefact this semester. She will be utilising this account to showcase the various personal and business graphic design projects currently working on. Bonnie will also be offering her graphic design skills to the “Creative Services Team” to start building a more diverse design portfolio and helping students elevate their digital artefacts.

Feedback on Digital Artefact Pitch

Bonnie has conducted a pitch that is well-spoken and showcases her background in graphic design. According to the subject outline, she has conveyed her concept, methods and utility to a high standard. I enjoyed the incorporation of a variety of different sources that help explain the world of freelancing and the retro graphic design she creates.

Bonnie creates a wide variety of graphic design projects and in her pitch showed her latest project for the new UOW club ‘Cafe Amigos’. To improve upon this it would have been good to see some of her own personal designs she has created for her Instagram somewhere in her pitch.

GenreRetro Graphic Design/ Freelancing

The content genre i would associate Bonnie’s Digital Artefact with is Freelancing/ Retro Graphic Design. I understand Bonnie already follows many retro graphic design Instagram accounts but i think it would be interesting to look into freelancers and see how they design their portfolios. ‘Design by Mouse’ is run by freelance graphic designer Millie. Her business is located in Sydney and her portfolio website would be useful in seeing how she showcases her work.

Jacob Suter – Digital Artefact Collection and Beyond Empathy (Grit) (Pitch Link)

Jacob has decided this semester to work on two digital artefacts, Beyond Empathy (GRIT) and the Digital Artefact Collective (DAC). Working alongside Beyond Empathy and other BCM students he will be creating social media content and assisting in the creation of eight ‘podformances’. Whereas the DAC will be an online hub and social media presence documenting students’ Digital Artefacts for current, future and public users to experience.

After seeing Jacob’s first tweet i was a bit confused as to what he is doing with his digital artefact. I think he has decided to focus on one digital artefact – Beyond Empathy. If this is the case it is a good decision as he will be able to put all of his time and energy into one project without getting overwhelmed.

Feedback on Digital Artefact Pitch

Jacob has created a pitch which accurately conveys the concept, methodology and utility of his digital artefact. He has focused within his video on collaboration and has spent the majority of the time explaining his methods. To improve upon his pitch Jacob should have concentrated on one digital artefact from the beginning. Doing this would have allowed him to spend more time going in-depth about the concept and utility rather than just lightly going over each section.

Genre Non for profit organisations

The content genre i would associate Jacob’s digital artefact with is in the non for profit sector. As they start to create and design content for Beyond Empathy, they should take inspiration from other non for profits already online. The organisations Weave Youth and Community and The Foundation for Young Australians both are similar to Beyond Empathy as they work and support disadvantaged youth.


It will be an interesting experience following along on Bonnie and Jacob’s digital artefacts as they are both in completely different genres from my own. Providing them with feedback will allow them to elevate their digital artefact and help me to evaluate my own work.

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